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Advantages of Amla in Weight Loss

Indian gooseberry or amla is undeniably a powerhouse of nutrients. The essential minerals and vitamins that it contains, are not only integral to our body’s well-being, but also indispensable to preventing and managing some of the most common and widespread diseases. It is edible and contains a good amount of Vitamin C. Being used since old ages, it treats a number of ailments and improve skin and hair health as well. However, using Amla can also be beneficial for weight loss. Whether eaten raw, juiced, powdered or simply added in an array of pickles, jams, dips or spreads – including amla in your diet finales into good health by all means.

Body Detoxification:

Accumulation of free radicals or harmful toxins is one of the major reason for sudden weight gain.The rich anti-oxidant property of Amla flushes out the toxins not just aids in combating the cause, but also reduces the buildup of toxins which too leads to weight gain. Drinking amla juice on daily basis helps in improving digestion and effectively dissipating waste.

Improves Body Metabolism:

Imbalance of metabolic rate is one of the prime reason for obesity-related problem. Low metabolic rate slows down the functioning of body systems, accelerating the weight gain and other obesity related health issues. According to several studies, Consuming Amla(best in juice form) on an empty stomach in early morning helps in protein synthesis which in turn increases your metabolic rate and weight loss effort.

Reduces Cholestrol:

Amla is very effective in reducing bad cholesterol in the blood which makes it good for the heart. One should always add Amla when planning a healthy Diet chart.

Amla can be taken in number of forms:

  1. 1. As fresh fruits / fruit slices (1-2 tea spoons /day)
  2. 2. Juice
  3. 3. Chayvanprash
  4. 4. Moraavalaa (Amla jam).
  5. 5. As dry powder (choorna).
  6. 6. In Sherbats and pickles (Eat pickle in moderate quantity).
  7. 7. Candied Amla (Murabba).
  8. 8. Dips or Spreads.

The best time to have Amla is in early morning, empty stomach. Nothing should be had half an hour after that.

How To Make Amla Juice For Weight Loss:

Amla is available from December to April though you can buy it from markets at other times too. The juice can be available in stores, but it is better if you make it at home. This will ensure you get pure juice that contains no artificial compounds. To make the juice, take fresh amla fruits and cut them into small pieces, taking out the seeds. Pour water in blender and put the cut pieces. Blend for some minutes till it makes a thick consistency. Use a piece of cloth or sieve to separate the pulp from the juice. You may keep it refrigerated for 2 weeks or so. You may mix honey with this juice and gulp down with ice cubes.

You may mix salt and cardamom powder to make the juice tastier, if desired. You may also make amla and bitter gourd juice for variations as well as added health benefits. This is better for people who are fat and diabetic.