How to Get Instant Relief from Kidney Stone Pain

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A healthy and disease-free body is extremely important to live a happy and comfortable life.  However, maintaining the body is also extremely challenging witnessing the way of living. It is important to ensure the intake of food is nutritious and proper. As well as in case a disease is diagnosed, the right measures are taken. In this post, we tell about how can you get immediate relief from kidney stone pain.

While multiple tonics help the body to stay fit it is extremely important to avoid allopathic medicines as much as possible.

Best Replacement of Allopathic Medicines

The best replacement of allopathy medicines can be ayurvedic medicines. Since the latter is made with natural ingredients it becomes extremely effective and also helps to keep the body free from inorganic chemicals.

Over the years ayurvedic medicines have evolved as the latest technologies are inducted for production. In some cases, ayurvedic medicines are more advanced than allopathic medicines.

In the current scenario kidney stone is one of the most challenging issues. It is spreading irrespective of the age of the person going through this. While it can occur due to heredity, eating habits are also one of the core reasons for it.

A healthy kidney is extremely important for a healthy body. If it doesn’t perform well there are very high chances of different impairments in the body. Stones are often cured automatically until and unless it’s large in size.

How do Kidney Stones Occur?

kidney stones are the collection of minerals as well as waste products in the form of stones or crystals in the kidney. It is mostly detected from the urine. These can be as small as the sand particle or as big as the size of a pea. While the smaller one can easily pass through the urine. Stones of larger size are required to be dissolved with the help of medicines or surgery. When these get attached might lead to bleeding as well as excessive pain.

With kidney stones, the major concern is to catch them as early as possible. Some of the symptoms to look for are feeling Nauseatic, Vomiting, Acute Pain, Fever with chills, Urinary Urgency, Burning sensation while urinating, etc. Ayurvedic treatment for kidney stones can help with the side effect free treatment.

immediate relief from kidney stone back pain

Consider the Following Points for How to Reduce Kidney Stone Pain Immediately

At Yogveda Health Care we always recommend the following tips to follow for effective life and healthy kidney and avoid any kind of stone formation further.

  1. Avoid tea– This increases the heat. Similarly, coffee, alcohol is very harmful to the kidney. Soft drinks and artificial products like pickles should be avoided. Foods that are sour and heavy also need to be avoided. Food if taken consciously becomes a reason for relief but becomes a problem if not taken judiciously.
  2. Ample amount of liquid – Drinking the right amount of water can help to skip the kidney stone issue. Another intake of liquids as well such as juice, soup, lime water, etc. is also good. 1- 2 liters of water is mandatory to drink so that kidney can efficiently work. The weather is hot and if you sweat more and are heavy then water consumption must increase even more. More urination will lead to more benefits for the body.
  3. Replace artificial food with natural food – Consume more natural products and herbs. Add the used barley, horse gram (a type of bean), ginger, and brown rice. These are extremely good for the body and overall health.
  4. Not urinating – Suppressing the urge to urinate is often a huge issue. This not only affects the kidney but the bladder adversely as well. Controlling the urine for long hours increases the chances of kidney stones.

Many clients have found the benefit from this and get instant pain relief from the kidney stone issue.

The Major Challenge While Going for Ayurvedic Medicines for Kidney Stones

The only challenge one face with ayurvedic medicines for kidney stone is adulteration. There are highly adulterated medicines available in the market which might lead to serious issues rather than curing the problem.

Yogveda Health Care is a Ministry Of Ayush-approved kidney stone medicines maker. Our medicines are produced under proper conditions which help to maximize their effectiveness. More than 50,000 patients got relief with our Rouhi Syrup and Crystal Cure medicines making it one of the successful ayurvedic medicine for Kidney stone treatment. Ayurvedic kidney stone treatment is one of the fastest ways to get relieve kidney stone pain.

In case you have more doubts about kidney stones or want to know about ayurvedic medicines our experts are ready to give free consultations. So, act now and free yourself from the issue of kidney stones.

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