How to dissolve gallstone naturally with Ayurveda?

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A healthy liver helps to eliminate toxins. It also helps to process cholesterols, hormones and increase the metabolism of glucose, proteins, fats, etc. The gallbladder also ensures the well-being of another organ. The gallbladder is a small pear-shaped pouch-like structure found below the liver. Its purpose is to store and concentrate bile a digestive enzyme.

Gallstones are lumps formed from the solidified bile formed in the gallbladder. The cause for this issue is generally due to excessive bilirubin production or in case gallbladder malfunctions and fails to drain out the bile in the intestine.  Gallstone blocks bile ducts through which bile fluids are transported from the liver into the gallbladder causing an inflammatory reaction in the liver.


These 5 Natural Ingredients can help you to Recover from the Issue of Gallstone


  1. Turmeric

Turmeric, which is also known as Haldi, has multiple qualities making it an important ayurvedic ingredient. It has choleretic as well as anti-inflammatory properties. Taking warm milk along with turmeric after meals at night helps to liquefy the bile fluids. This helps the gallstone to ride through the bile duct and improve digestion as well as the health of the liver.


  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is extremely effective for the treatment of various illnesses. It is helpful for liver and gallbladder issues as well. It is a very powerful ingredient that cleanses the gallbladder of stones.  To use it effectively extract the gel from aloe leaves, and add some honey. Consuming it regularly is a natural remedy for gallstone.


  1. Gokshura

Gokshura contains bioactive elements such as alkaloids, phytosterols that work wonders in healing gallstones, liver and kidney problems, besides urinary tract disorders. This herb can be ingested as Gokshura churna or inform with powder to efficiently detoxify the gallbladder. If you are looking to get gallstone to dissolve naturally with Ayurveda, this is one of the most effective steps.


  1. Kalonji

kalonji is one of the oldest herbal antidotes for gallstones. It contains antioxidant thymoquinone, which is an anti-inflammatory and lithotrophic agent. Mixing seeds of kalonji with honey. Kalonji or black seed oil along with warm water drinking this tonic on an empty stomach helps in dissolving gallstones.


  1. Black Pepper

Black Pepper is commonly known as Kali Mirch. It is known as Maricha in Sanskrit. It is laden with medicinal qualities such as choleretic components. It regulates bile secretions and enhances the functioning of the liver, gallbladder. Consuming the black pepper powder along with warm water before meals helps in digestion, balances cholesterol, and dispels gallstones.

How to Dissolve Gallstones Naturally

While these are the major ingredients used for home remedies for gallstone cure it is always advised to take the doctor’s guidance. Apart from it, you should also take ayurvedic medicines for gallstones. These medicines have zero side effects and help you to recover faster.

We believe this blog must have shed some light if you were searching for the answer to how to dissolve gallstone naturally.

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