High Blood Pressure: Cause, Effects And Remedies.

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Are you dealing with high blood pressure? Recently there has been a rise in the number of patients of high blood pressure. In this article we will share the reasons, symptoms and the cure which can help you to know blood pressure issues in depth.

Hypertension is develops for a longer duration of time.

The symptoms are not noticeable generally. It doesn’t show any symptoms as well. However it keeps on affecting the blood vessels, organs like brain, heart, eyes and kidneys.


To get effective solutions of hypertension, early detection of it becomes necessary. You can keep check over your blood pressure by checking it on a regular basis. If your blood pressure is elevated or low, it becomes necessary to keep a regular check on your blood pressure.


The best way to cure hypertension include medicines and changes in day to day lifestyle. If not treated on time, this may lead to serious health issues like cardiac arrest or paralysis.


What Causes Hypertension.


Primary hypertension is also called essential hypertension. This kind of hypertension develops over time with no identifiable cause. Most people have this type of high blood pressure issues.

In primary hypertension there is no identifiable cause for it. However there are a couple of factors which leads to this.

Genes:  There are chances disease of blood pressure is carried forwarded by parents. Genetic abnormalities or mutation are one of the common reasons behind it.


Physical Changes :  If you go through surgery or have any other diseases related to kidney or other organs, you might face issues of high blood pressure. Aging is also responsible for high blood pressure as the body’s natural balance of salt and fluid may get affected by it and result in increased blood pressure.


Environmental Condition:- Sometimes our outside conditions also affect our health and lead to high blood pressure. Lack of physical activity, poor diet are some of the common issues which cause hypertension. These are the core reasons which leads to overweight and in-turn leads to risk of hypertension.


Secondary hypertension is severe and can be extremely dangerous. The cause of secondary hypertension are:


  • Kidney Disease
  • obstructive sleep apnea
  • congenital heart defects
  • problems with your thyroid
  • side effects of medications
  • alcohol abuse or chronic use
  • adrenal gland problems


What are the symptoms of hypertension?


Hypertension generally doesn’t show any symptoms generally. It builds up over the years. However symptoms of severe hypertension includes:-


  • Shortness of breath
  • Headaches
  • Nose Bleeding
  • Dizziness
  • Chest Pain
  • Blood In Urine
  • Visual Changes


These symptoms require immediate medical attention. They don’t occur in everyone with hypertension. However, you must not wait for the symptoms as it can be extremely dangerous.


If you are encountering such symptoms you should immediately get your blood pressure checked. There are high chances you don’t show these symptoms yet go through hypertension. In Order to skip this issue, you must get your blood pressure checked at a particular interval of time.


What is the cure for high blood pressure?


While there are medical options available in order to get a cure for hypertension simple lifestyle changes can also help you to stay away from this disease.


Eating food that is good for health: – Make sure to include these in your diet. These help to keep blood pressure levels in check and cure hypertension.

  • Fruits.
  • Vegetables.
  • Whole Grains.
  • Lean Protein.
  1. Increasing Physical Activity:– Exercise, go jogging, or walk on a regular basis. This is extremely effective when it comes to curing blood pressure levels.

  1. Reaching Healthy Weight:– Bodyweight plays an important role as it restricts your movement and in turn affecting the blood pressure level. Thus you should try to keep a check on your weight.


  1. Managing Stress:- Meditation is the best option when it comes to managing stress. Try to avoid stress as it is one of the core reasons which causes hypertension.


  1. Adopting Cleaner Lifestyle – Avoid smoking, alcohol, and fried foods. These directly affect the arteries leading to high blood pressure.

        Cure Hypertension With Ayurveda.


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