5 Frequently Asked Questions For Kidney Stones Treatment in Ayurveda.

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There are multiple questions that revolve around kidney stone treatment. Patients are mostly confused with the suggestions which they get related to kidney stone treatment. We at Yogveda Health Care have witnessed that their questions related to kidney stone often becomes the reason for anxiety. In this article, we are sharing the most asked questions related to kidney stones and clearing as many doubts as possible.

Which treatment is best to remove kidney stones?

There are multiple treatment options possible. One can go for surgery, allopathy treatment as well as ayurvedic treatment. It completely depends on which type of medication you want to pursue. Surgeries are mostly done for patients who have severe kidney stones.

Allopathy medicines often dissolve kidney stones but they may have negative implications. The side effect of medicines includes fever, blood pressure, etc.

Ayurvedic kidney stone treatment can be considered the best because of its natural way of treatment. Also, it doesn’t cause any side effects. If you are willing to go ahead with ayurvedic treatment of the kidney stone we can help you.

Can kidney stones be cured without surgery?

This is the prime question most patients are willing to know. Most patients have the anxiety to undergo surgery. However, the kidney is absolutely treatable without undergoing surgery. It is advised to undergo treatment and examination by expert doctors. They can help you with the best cure.

Which food is bad for kidney stones?

Foods that are low in protein and calcium should be taken as a diet. Kidney stone patients must increase the capacity of consuming water. Water is extremely necessary to drain out the waste products from the body. Apart from it banana and papaya are also important food to be included in the diet.

Yogveda Health Care is one of the brands which has helped multiple patients to recover from the kidney stone issue. If you are willing to go for ayurvedic kidney stone treatment and also take home remedies for kidney stones our Ministry Of Ayush-approved medicines can help you.

Does walking help to pass a kidney stone?

It is important to keep the body in a move. In any case, obesity needs to be curtailed. Keeping the weight in control can help to ensure you don’t face the issue of kidney stones. If you are going through the issue regular exercise will help you in that as well.

What are kidney stones made of?

The composition of kidney stones can be of multiple types. The most common ones include uric acid stone, protein stone, calcium stone, and much more. Another major question which people have is is there a possibility of having 2 types of stone together? The answer is yes. There are high chances of having different stones altogether.

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 Methods for kidney stone removal?

The 4 methods which can help to remove the kidney stone diet include
a) Eating meal which is high in fiber. Less protein should be taken especially in the hours of inactivity.
b) Drinking lots of water can help to remove kidney stones. Kidney stone is caused generally because the waste materials can’t get drained out and get attached to the kidney. Drinking excess water will make sure the waste products are flushed out properly.

How to pass kidney stones fast?

To pass kidney stone fast food habits need to be changed. Apart from it, one should take a more liquid diet as much as possible. This will help to keep up the liquid contains in the body.

Yogveda Health Care has been producing multiple medicines for the treatment of kidney stones. Our Rouhi Syrup and Crystal Cure medicines are extremely effective ayurvedic medicines for kidney stone treatment. So, if you are in need of genuine medicines contact us now.

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