Cause And Treatment Of Piles Based On Ayurveda.

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The piles issue is extremely painful. Swollen veins developed in the anus and lower rectum are called Hemorrhoids or piles.  It can be categorized as the cushion of tissues with blood vessels, muscles. Swelling of the veins and anal canal, lower rectum makes defecation difficult. It can cause bleeding and extreme discomfort while sitting.

Symptoms Of Piles.

Mostly the symptoms of piles are not very serious. However, as time passes difficulty increases.

An individual with piles may experience the following symptoms:

Here are some of the common symptoms.


  • The lump can be felt around the anus. There is the possibility of coagulated blood. Such conditions of piles are called external hemorrhoids.
  • Bright blood is visible during the bowel movement.
  • The itching, red and sore part around the anus is probably due to piles.



Healing Piles Naturally At Home.

  • The anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera help to heal wounds. It helps in reducing irritation, burning, itching, and swelling. One can apply it to the affected area. However, it can provide more relief when applied cold. Make sure the aloe vera is pure otherwise the added chemicals and preservatives will worsen the situation.


  • An ice pack is extremely effective in reducing pain, irritation, burning, and swelling. Cover the ice in a towel or tissue and apply it to the affected area. Directly applying the ice pack may cause tissue damage. An ice pack can be placed for 15 minutes and repeated at intervals.


  • Fiber-rich diet: A high-fiber diet softens the stools, prevents constipation, and reduces pain, irritation, and discomfort while defecating. A fiber-rich diet also helps maintain digestive health. Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber.


A high fiber diet can help to soften the tools and prevent constipation. It reduced pain, irritation, and discomfort as well. Another benefit of a fiber-rich diet is in maintaining digestive health. Some examples of food that are high in fiber are fruits and vegetables.



Foods to avoid piles


Some of the food which helps in avoiding piles is


Root Vegetables – Vegetables such as sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, potatoes are high in fiber. It helps to ease constipation and benefits in reducing discomfort due to piles as well.


Bell Pepper – It contains nearly 93% water. This is extremely helpful to reduce constipation issues.

Cucumber And Melons – It contains fiber as well as liquid. Which helps the digestive system and in turn helping in piles?


Pears – Consuming this fruit without peeling will add fiber as well as fluid content.


Apart from it apple, banana, and other fluids can also help to avoid piles issue.


Ayurvedic Treatment For Piles.


Ayurvedic medicines for piles are extremely effective in the treatment. If you are facing any issue with hemorrhoids you are probably going through dominant dosha.

  • People with pitta issues might face experience inflamed, bleeding, hemorrhoids. Other symptoms include fever, diarrhea. It also creates an issue of thirst.


  • People who are Vata may experience a high level of pain, constipation, and black hemorrhoids with a rough, hard texture.


  • People with Vata issues might experience extreme pain, constipation. Black hemorrhoids which are rough in texture are formed due to such issues.


Kapha issues in people lead to poor digestion and hemorrhoids. The texture of hemorrhoids is slippery, light or white, and large in size.


To get a cure for the disease Ayurveda can provide the best solution. Ayurvedic medicines are based on organic products. Unlike allopathic medicines, Ayurveda doesn’t have any side effects.


However genuine ayurvedic medicines help to provide the result quickly.

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