How To Treat Gallstones by Ayurvedic Medicine? Get Treatment

How To Treat Gallstones by Ayurvedic Medicine?

How To Treat Gallstones by Ayurvedic Medicine?

Pittashmari is also known as Gallstone. The most common disorder of the binary tract is the formation of gallstones. The process from which gallstone is formed called cholelithiasis in medical science. The issue of gallstones is common in both males and females, but their generality is much more in mid-aged females.

The evolution of gallstones is mainly caused by congestion and obstruction in the flow of bile. Mostly factors like bad food habits, body weight, and genetic vulnerability undoubtedly play a supreme role in the generation of gallstones.

There are many ways to treat Gallstones, but Ayurvedic treatment is the most natural way to cure gallstone problems without harming your body or any internal organs. Ayurvedic medicines are formed by natural herbs, plants, and spices, which means ayurvedic treatment is most natural, effective, and unharmful.

As stated by Ayurveda, three doshas are. Vata, pitta, and Kapha play a role in the generation of gallstones. The overindulgence increase of pitta (caused by hot, spicy food, alcohol, etc.) generates the basis for stone formulation. Kapha added by fatty foods mixes with pitta and formulate a bad sticky mixture. Vata dries this sticky mixture and structures it into the shape of a stone.

Treatment of Gallstones in Ayurveda addresses the most root cause with customized medicines along with natural diet, exercise, and Lifestyle.

Are you looking for the Gall bladder stone treatment? While there are multiple options to get rid of it, the best way is Ayurveda by Yogveda Health Care. It doesn’t only remove the stone but helps to eliminate its cause.

There are primarily two medicines for curing the GallBladder Stone. One is called Crystal Cure Powder and the other one is Rouhi Syrup. The combination of these two medicines helps to balance the doshas which cause gallstone.  The intent of the medicine is to impact the root cause.

Causes Of A GallStone?

The increase in Pitta ( Digestive Fire), reduction in Vata ( body movement), and unstable Kapha ( Water and Earth) is the cause of gallbladder stone.

The herbs which form crystal powder include gokhru, Punarnava, Chitrak, Pasanbhed, etc. It helps to dissolve the gall bladder stone and reduces the risk of stone generation by curing its root cause.

Ayurveda treatment using herbal preparation works on the root cause. During treatment follow a proper diet and change lifestyle to dissolve the gallstones. The herbal preparations of Rouhi Syrup detoxify the liver and gallbladder to restore their functions and help in dissolving Gall Stone.

Some Points To Know While Taking Ayurvedic Medication.

  1. Ayurvedic treatments directly affect the root cause of the problem.
  2. One needs to follow a proper diet and lifestyle for faster results.
  3. The herbal preparation of rough Syrup detoxifies the liver and gallbladder which helps to restore its function.
  4. The medication by Yogveda not only helps to get rid of stone but also increases the metabolism of the body.

These are causes and cures for gallstone problems and yogveda helps to come up with this type of internal body issue.

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