A Short Success Story for Piles

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Sharda, a 48-year-old business secretary who lives with her daughter and husband in New Delhi, has had piles on and off since she was a teenager.

Furthermore, it has been established that piles are more widespread in metro cities than in rural and small towns.

People are more likely to develop piles earlier than the average age due to poor eating habits, cutthroat competition, and stressful professional life.

People of near 40s age are more likely to suffer from piles and fissures. However, due to today’s lifestyle, anyone can be affected.

Possible reasons why Sharda faced the issue of piles? 

Sharda’s eating habits aided in the building of piles as well.

She only ate junk food or food from the company canteen.

High fiber, seasonal vegetables, and fresh fruits were absent from the diet.

It was all about the junk food and aerated drinks, which Sharda couldn’t keep under control.

As a result, the problem grew quickly, and she began to notice random bleeding from her backchannel, along with excruciating discomfort. She couldn’t control herself from screaming when sitting normally, especially while sitting on the toilet seat.

That was the intensity of the pain.

Sharda assumed that her symptoms were simply moderate piles symptoms that had flared up and that they would go away if she took medication and followed a strict eating plan.

She also punctually started to apply ointment whenever necessary without fail.

She also began eating fibrous foods and drank enough water to stay hydrated and maintain a regular, smooth bowel movement.

When the possibility of colon cancer entered everyone’s consciousness, the problem of piles became even worse.

That was the time when rectal bleeding was considered a symptom of piles and no one could prevent it.

Because she had been paying close attention to her diet and medication, her symptoms had lessened or became quite light until one day, at 4 a.m., she had significant bleeding.

Sharda was taken to the hospital right away.

‘I never imagined myself losing so much blood so quickly, as the heaps showed.’

I had no big symptoms before this that made me think of any other major cause of rectal bleeding beside piles.

But this terrified me,’ she sobbed.

It turned out to be a serious case of piles, as the doctor swiftly discovered.

Sharda then decided on a laser operation, but the word operation itself is a nightmare.

Patient’s own words about Yogveda Health Care :

“I blame my embarrassment for not allowing me to publicly share my rectal bleeding condition.

It may have been prevented and cured a long time ago if these serious symptoms were not dismissed as minor piles symptoms.

But, in my opinion, there is no such thing as too late.

“I’m ecstatic with such an Ayurvedic piles therapy that gets to the root of my pile’s problem,” Sharda remarked.

Sharda then adhered to the advised diet by Yogveda’s consultation and led an active lifestyle to keep her age-old condition of piles under control.

To avoid constipation at all costs, she began eating high-fiber foods, drinking more water, and using stool softeners or bulking agents.

Sharda is now living a happy life free of recurring piles. Thanks to God’s grace, proper piles treatment by Yogveda piles cure medicines range, and follow-up care.

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