7 Myths related to piles you should know

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Piles are often known as hemorrhoids.  Inflamed tissues and veins in the lower part of the rectum or near the anus region in medical conditions are called Piles or hemorrhoids. The piles can occur inside the anus or outside of it. The area where piles have grown can determine it as Internal Hemorrhoids or External hemorrhoids. There are multiple specialists who can help you with the piles treatment and help you recover. There are numerous myths that circulate related to piles. We will help you to get the right information.

What causes piles?

The most common reasons which can cause piles to include constipation, diarrhea, incorrect method of heavy weight lifting, pregnancy, strain in the lower pelvic region during the passing of stools. These are some of the symptoms of piles. Other includes include:

  1. Painful lump formation around the anal opening.
  2. Inflammation, itching, and pain in areas near the anal opening.
  3. Blood in the stool.
  4. Pain when passing stools.

In this article, we have discussed 7 myths that are commonly believed to be true.

Myths related to piles.

Myth 1: Very few go through the issue of piles.

Fact: Piles are an extremely common medical problem for people below the age of 50 years.

On average 75% of people go through piles at least once during their lifetime. You should not think of yourself as the unlucky one. Rather you should prepare yourself for the treatment. Keeping a positive approach will help in faster recovery.

Myth 2: Piles affect only aged people.

Fact: Bulged out veins in the lower rectum and anal regions is the major cause of piles. Aged people are more likely to attract piles because the muscles between the rectum and anus become weak. However, people going through diarrhea, constipation need to put more pressure on those muscles which cause the veins to bulge.

Pregnant women can also attract the risk of having piles. Though the risk of piles increases with age, young people going through diarrhea, constipation, and pregnant women can also attract the issue of piles.

You should change your food habits and include more fiber in your diet. You must also increase your liquid intake. It will help to keep the stool soft and help in easy bowel movement.

Myth 3: Piles treatment needs surgery

Fact: Most of the time patients need not go for surgery of the piles. Doctors often recommend surgery to those who are sevier patients. They need to remove piles. It depends on the diagnosis. There are other procedures as well to remove or get treatment from piles.

It would be best to see an expert as soon a someone has persistent itching, redness, or inflammation near their anal area.

Myth 4: Spicy foods or cold surfaces can become a reason for piles.

Fact: Spicy foods only affect the body’s metabolism. There has been no evidence which states intake of spicy food can increases the chances of piles.

Sitting on cold surfaces has no connection depicting the growth of piles. In fact, it is recommended to apply an ice pack. One technique can be mixing cold water and Epsom salt and using it temporarily to relieve the symptoms. Sitting on hot surfaces doesn’t increase piles as well.

Myth 5: Working out can worsen the condition of piles.

Fact: In fact, exercise reduces the risk of piles. A person should take care that he/she should not lift weights in the wrong way by putting pressure on the bottom muscles.

Working out regularly boosts the body’s metabolism and reduces body fat that in turn reduces the chances of getting piles.

Myth 6: Piles can create chances of piles.

Fact: If you find symptoms of piles like consistent itching, inflammation near the anus, or presence of blood,  immediately get checkups done by experts instead of self-diagnosis. Expert doctors can perform tests to see if the symptoms are of colorectal cancer or piles and put you on to appropriate treatment. Your family history of colon or rectal cancer should also be discussed with the doctor.

Myth 7: Sitting continuously for a longer duration don’t cause piles

Fact: Sitting continuously for long periods causes pressure on the blood vessels near your bottom. This certainly increases the odds of getting piles. One needs to be active and moving around at regular intervals to avoid piles issues. That also helps in stretching the back.


Piles create extreme pain during movement, sitting, or sleeping. It is better to get it checked at the initial as it can be easily treated in such cases.

Ayurvedic treatment for piles is one of the best ways for treatment. Medicines don’t have side effects and are natural as well. At Yogveda Health Care we have helped more than 5000 patients who were going through piles and our experience says Ayurveda can definitely help you cure piles naturally. Ayurveda is the most effective way when it comes to home remedies for piles.

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